National Chemistry Week Video Contest Outline

Product: Create an original, bite-sized, educational video explaining any topic consistent with
the theme of “Sticking with Chemistry”.

Participants: The contest is open to grades 9-12 and undergraduate students studying in San
Diego County.

Length: 5-6 minutes

Is a chemical demonstration necessary? No, the video does not require the use of any
chemicals or any other physical props to be considered for the contest. A winning video may
feature graphics and/or animations, exclusively. Videos that show students (or parents or
guardians) engaging in a questionable, dangerous, or illegal activity/behavior will be

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment: Students who do choose to do a chemical
demonstration as part of their video must adhere to strict safety protocols. You can learn about
handling and working with chemicals on the American Chemical Society’s Chemical and
Laboratory Safety page. Minors must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times when
working with chemicals. Participants are discouraged from using reagents or chemicals they are
not already familiar with. Neither the American Chemical Society, nor the San Diego Local
Section will be responsible for any damage, injury, or death resulting from a chemical

Submissions: Submit your video by posting to YouTube. Email a YouTube link to by October 23, 2020. The subject headline should read National
Chemistry Week Video Contest. Before submission, the video must be set to ‘public’. In the
email, include your name, school, grade level (or undergraduate year), and best phone number
to reach you at in the email.

Winning videos: The winners of the contest will be announced in November. Prizes will be
awarded to the best three videos in the grades 9-12 and undergraduate categories. The winning
videos will be posted on the San Diego American Chemical Society Local Section website.

Rank K-12
1st Place $300 $300
2nd Place $200 $200
3rd Place $100 $100

Grading: The video will be graded on the following categories.