Making STEM Fields Equitable, Inclusive, and Respectful

Making STEM Fields Equitable, Inclusive, and Respectful

Paul Jagodzinski, Ph.D. Dean
College of Engineering, Forestry & Natural Sciences
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

DATE: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

TIME: 7:00 PM

PLACE: Your Computer


Paul W. Jagodzinski is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Northern Arizona
University in Flagstaff, Arizona. He earned a B.S. degree at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and a
Ph.D. at Texas A& M University, both in Chemistry. He has held academic leadership positions at
universities across the U.S. Dr. Jagodzinski is active in the ACS, having served in leadership positions for
local sections and the Physical Division and on national committees including Budget & Finance. He is
currently the Chair of the ACS Board of Directors.

The numbers of underrepresented individuals in Chemistry and other STEM fields have been well
documented. We don’t need another study to highlight the problem, but we do need continual monitoring
to determine if greater representation is being achieved. Why has progress been so slow and what can we
do to make a difference? We need more individuals to commit to making a difference and not continue to
assume that institutional initiatives are the answer. A more equitable, inclusive, and respectful chemistry
enterprise is dependent on each one of us. I will discuss how I believe each of us can have an impact and
make a difference, and why we should work to understand the particular challenges of specific
underrepresented groups. Working together we can effect change!