Valerie Kuck

(973) 744-5510

Valerie has been active in the American Chemical Society for over forty years, thirty-one as a councilor from the North Jersey Section and nine as an ex-officio councilor. While living in New Jersey she chaired her Local Section and lead several activities, including National Chemistry Week; outreach efforts to K-12 students; support for the unemployed and college students; and establishing a Women Chemists Committee over forty years ago. Since joining the San Diego Section in 2015, she has become a member of the Executive Committee and has led efforts to increase the Section’s outreach to K-12 students, successfully worked to increase the number of people nominated from the Section to become Fellows of the Society, and coordinated the Section’s Project SEED efforts. She also is continuing her efforts to help the unemployed improve their resumes and interviewing skills. On the national level, Valerie has chaired six national Council Committees and one Board Committee. In 2000, Valerie retired from Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey, where she conducted basic research on ground state triplets and did applied research on the stabilization of polyolefin coatings for copper wire and the development of high temperature coatings for optical fibers and electronic devices. For her contributions to the ACS and to chemistry, she was recently awarded the Garvan-Olin Medal. Previously, she had received the ACS Award for Volunteer Service to the Society and The ACS Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences. She has received four awards from Bell Laboratories and was named a Distinguished Alumnus of the Purdue University Chemistry Department.