Melissa Chandler

San Diego State University
(619) 838-7867

Melissa Chandler will finish a M.S. degree this semester at SDSU in analytical chemistry with Dr. Dale Chatfield. In 2009 she earned a B.S. in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry from SDSU. During her senior year she began working at Cuyamaca College as their sole Chemistry Technician. Through her expertise in organizational management and the cohesive team there, she created a highly productive, organized and efficient team atmosphere that provided training and internships to undergraduates. She served as a senator for the Classified Senate, helped organize events and represented her co-workers in the shared governance process.

In 2016, she volunteered for the National ACS meeting and began to get involved with the local chapter by volunteering for a few events over the next year. Currently, she has been mentoring her undergraduate, Karan Doppalapudi, and a small group of undergraduates to restart the student chapter of ACS at SDSU as well as working on a few community outreach projects. She is committed to providing opportunities and mentorship to undergraduates, peers and her community. Her non-traditional science career history and experiences will be invaluable to the Executive Committee as we work together to grow ACS into the future.