John Palmer

(858) 534-5906

John received his Ph.D. in chemistry from UCSD’s Chemistry & Biochemistry Department and has been their safety director for the past 25 years. As your councilor he serves at the national ACS level as a continuing member of the Women Chemists Committee (WCC) and is the WCC Liaison to the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety. He also remains an active member of five technical divisions (CHAL, CHAS, CHED, ENV, & TOX). He has been a member of the ACS for over 32 years, was the 2005 Chair of the San Diego local section (a year we hosted the Spring – ACS National Meeting) and has also served nationally as chair of the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety (CHAS). He has been an active member of the Local Section board for 20+ years and served in the past as Secretary and Alternate Councilor. He supports the San Diego community as a technical resource specialist to the San Diego Regional ‘Metropolitan Medical Strike Team’. He is finishing a 3-year term as your Section councilor – and requests your support in this election in order to continue serving you at both the local and national level.