Jennifer Barber-Singh

Co-Chair, Past Chair
(858) 869-7084

Jennifer received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Clarkson University in 1997 continued at Clarkson earning a Master’s degree in 1999 investigating the role of block copolymers for use in personal care products with Prof. Stig Friberg. She then moved to the University of Illinois at Chicago where she was awarded a PhD in Analytical chemistry for her work in developing methods for the analysis of neurochemical signaling using push-pull perfusion in freely behaving animals. This work led her to a postdoctoral position at The Scripps Research Institute with Prof. Takao Yagi where she evaluated a gene therapy for mitochondrial disorders using a rodent model of Parkinson’s disease and later returned to the Yagi lab to investigate a rodent model of Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, a sudden onset of blindness linked to mitochondrial dysfunction. She is currently investigating a novel treatment for malaria in the Prof. Laurent Mosnier’s lab at Scripps, using a transgenic human-model of malaria in mice. In addition to her accomplishments in science, she also volunteers extensively at a private school in La Jolla where she is in charge of multiple committees over the course of the school year. She has recently become more active in the local ACS section where she applied for and was awarded a grant to host a Science Café symposium intended to reach beyond the local science community.