James O’Brien

(858) 336-0654

Jim is a 20-year member of ACS with the Inorganic division, and most recent national conference role was presider for nanotechnology session at the 2015 Spring meeting in Denver. Graduating from UC San Diego, he was a teaching assistant for 21 classes, lecturer for 8 classes and adjunct professor at University of San Diego for 24 classes. As such, he has been involved with the teaching of chemistry to 10,000+ students in the local area. Moving on to industry in 2001, he continued regular attendance, presentations and exhibiting at national meetings with Quantum Design, specializing in SQUID based magnetometers. In that job, he has mentored many international chemistry students and professors on how to acquire data for major publications. His well-known motto is “do a demo for every lecture”, to effectively engage the students and achieve superb attendance. With that experience, there will be a commitment to serving the Local Section through National Chemistry Week activities. His periodic table, first released at the American Physical Society meeting in 2011, was recently updated on 11/2016 for marketing of a new magnetic separator product.