Graeme Freestone

Treasurer & Past Chair
Dart Neuroscience
(858) 246-8137

Graeme received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from The University of Manchester in 2001 and earned a DPhil in 2005 from The University of Oxford for his work investigating the Birch reduction in the labs of Professor Timothy Donohoe. He then moved to San Diego to undertake a three-year postdoctoral position at The Scripps Research Institute with Professor KC Nicolaou, where his work focused on the total synthesis of complex natural products. He was initially recruited by Metabasis Therapeutics and then in 2009 accepted his current position as a medicinal chemist at Helicon Therapeutics where he develops therapeutics to treat cognitive disorders. He is active in the San Diego chemical community and this summer co-organized and instructed, with the Younger Chemists Committee, an Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry course aimed at local graduate students and postdocs to help ease their transition from academia to industry.