Ben Pratt

Dart NeuroScience LLC

Ben is a medicinal chemist at Dart NeuroScience LLC in San Diego, California. He received his B.A. in chemistry with high honors from Dartmouth College in 2000. He spent 3 years in the department of process chemistry at Rhodia ChiRex in Boston MA, synthesizing chiral building blocks and optimizing the route to Vertex’s clinical candidate VX-950 (Telaprevir). In 2008, Ben earned his Ph.D. from the Scripps Research Institute where his thesis work focused on the total synthesis of natural products and their analogues in the lab of Professor K.C. Nicolaou. Since leaving TSRI, Ben has been a medicinal chemist at three San Diego based biotech companies focused in the areas of oncology, metabolic disease and cognitive function. A 13 year member of the ACS, Ben became involved in the San Diego Local Section serving as co-chair of the Younger Chemists Committee since 2010 and as assistant treasurer in 2013. With his colleagues in the YCC and the help of ACS innovative projects grant, Ben co-founded the Academics 2 Industry lecture series that serves as a primer course for aspiring medicinal chemists. Since its inception in 2011, A2I has been presented at UCSD, UCLA, and twice at TSRI, with a UCSB series planned for early 2014.