Committees allow you to:

  • connect with other chemists and chemical engineers in your geographic area
  • enhance your professional development
  • build leadership skills
  • affect change in your local community through outreach
  • contribute to the public’s understanding of chemistry in your community

Executive Committee


Jim Shih, Eli Lilly & Co. – Email / View Bio


Juan Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Southwestern College (619)-813-8520 – Email / View bio

Past Chair

James Caldwell, Accelagen, Inc. – Email / View bio


William Tolley, Seacoast Science Inc. – (858) 780-0978 – Email / View bio


Desiree Grubisha, Desiree Grubisha, Halozyme Therapeutics – (858) 254-5497 – View bio


Thomas R. Beattie – (858) 587-1210 – View bio
Hui Cai, WuXi AppTec – (858) 361-8838 – View bio
Desiree Grubisha, Halozyme Therapeutics – (858) 254-5497 – View bio
Valerie Kuck – (973) 744-5510 – View bio
Jackie Trischman, CSUSM – (858) 550-0306 – View bio
David Wallace, Wallace Scientific Consulting – (858) 638-1866 – View bio

Alternate Councilors

Surya K. De, Supra Sciences, Inc. – (858) 337-4961 – View bio
Julann Miller, Waters Corporation – (858) 336-0370 – View bio
Ken Poggenburg – (760) 635-2573 – View bio
Ben Pratt, Allergan – (858) 246-8120 – View bio
Shannon R. Woodruff, HP Inc. – (858) 924-3002 – View bio


James O’Brien – (858) 336-0654 – View bio
Bill Szabo – (858) 550-0306 – View bio
Joann Um, Southwestern College – (510) 823-8637 – View bio

Standing & Special Committees

Awards Nomination Committee

Valerie Kuck (Co-Chair)

Distinguished Scientist Awards Nomination Committee

Thomas R. Beattie (Chair)
Tammy Dwyer, USD
Barbara Sawrey
David Wallace, Wallace Scientific Consulting

Education Committee

Joann Um (Co-Chair), Southwestern College
Valerie Kuck
Joan Schellinger,

Earth Fair

James Caldwell, Accelagen, Inc.

Finance Committee

Bill Szabo (Chair)
Tom Beattie

Fundraising Committee


Government Affairs Committee

Hui Cai, WuXi AppTec
Ken Poggenburg

Law Committee

Ryan C. Smith (Chair), Duane Morris LLP

Mad Science Program

Thomas R. Beattie

MedChem Symposium

Ben Pratt (Co-Chair), Pratt Pharma Consulting LLC
Mark Tichenor (Co-Chair), Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
David Wallace (Co-Chair), Wallace Scientific Consulting

Membership Committee


Nominations Committee



James Caldwell (Chair), Accelagen, Inc.
Jim Shih,
Eli Lilly & Co.

Professional Development Committee

Valerie Kuck

Public Relations Committee
Senior Chemists Committee

Ken Poggenburg (Chair)

Seniors Breakfasts

Thomas R. Beattie

Women Chemists Committee – View Events & More Information

Valerie Kuck

Younger Chemists Committee – View Events & More Information

Kristen Counsell
Alexander Rovira,
Janssen Research and Development
Brittany P. Witherspoon,
Janssen Research and Development

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