Chair Notes

Dear ACS Members,

I am looking forward to assuming the role of Chair of the San Diego Section of the American Chemical Society in 2018. We have a lot to be proud of as a Local Section, and I hope to bring exciting activities to our Section during the coming year. I want to start by thanking our 2017 Chair, Jonathan Lockner, for his dedication and hard work this past year.

This coming year our executive team includes Ashkan Tafti (Chair-Elect), Bill Tolley (Secretary), and Graeme Freestone (Treasurer). The efforts of these individuals, as well as the efforts of various committee chairs, councilors, alternate councilors, and members-at-large, will make for an eventful and productive year for our members and for the San Diego community.

Our first Executive Committee Meeting of 2018 will take place on Thursday, January 4th. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. This is a perfect place to make connections, share ideas for events, explore opportunities to volunteer, or just want to pitch in and help. Volunteers are the lifeline of our Local Section. I thank everyone in advance for the time and energy they will dedicate during the upcoming year.

In January, our first speaker will be Rolf Muller, a biotechnology leader who will present exciting information on the work being done at his biotech company, BioFluidica. In February, we will host Jyllian Kemsley, the West Coast senior editor at Chemical & Engineering News. She will present information to our Section and students on alternative jobs for scientists. This event will be co-hosted by SWIGS and UCSD.

In addition to these are other special events planned throughout 2018, including the Earth Fair, Mad Science, Seniors Breakfasts, Education Awards Banquet, Family Picnic, 50-/60-Year Member Luncheon, MedChem Symposium, ChemExpo, Distinguished Scientist Award Banquet, and Holiday Party. I also look forward to events brought to us from the Law, Professional Development, Women Chemists, and Younger Chemists Committees, to name a few.

Finally, on behalf of the Executive Committee of the San Diego Section of the ACS, I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!


Jennifer Barber-Singh, Ph.D.
2018 Chair
San Diego Section of the American Chemical Society