Chair Notes

Dear ACS Members,

This year has seen significant change in the world, on the global and national levels. At the SDACS, our mission continues unchanged: promote science in San Diego, for the benefit of our members, and for the benefit of our region. Toward that end, I’ll recap recent happenings in our Local Section:

On April 10, our Section hosted the Third West Coast Analytical Chemistry Symposium at Dart NeuroScience. By all accounts, it was a very successful day. Many thanks to the organizers, speakers, and sponsors! Our very own Julann Miller and Graeme Freestone were among the key group responsible for producing this outstanding event!

On April 22, San Diego hosted its very own March for Science. At the national level, ACS joined many other organizations in support of this cause, and you should know that your Local Section supported the San Diego March for Science. Our region thrives because of strong support for scientific research, and we all need to do our part to ensure that this preeminence will continue long into the future.

April 22 also marked Earth Day. This annual phenomenon was celebrated with outreach events at Balboa Park and at UCSD. Informational booths and demo tents abounded, all with the central aim of elevating public knowledge of and appreciation for Earth, and our role as stewards of its resources. Special thanks to Quang Nguyen at UCSD for his leadership efforts for Earth Day!

On April 23, fifteen local high school students took the Chemistry Olympiad National Exam. Based on their performance, one or more of these students may advance to the next level of competition, with the goal of representing the United States in the International Chemistry Olympiad. Special thanks go to Joan Schellinger at the University of San Diego for organizing and hosting!

On April 24, a networking event was held at White Labs. This was exciting for many reasons, including the fact that it represents new partnership between SDACS and UCSD’s Society for Women in Graduate Studies (SWIGS). We anticipate more to come from this fruitful partnership during 2017. Special thanks go to Joey Palomba of SWIGS for helping kickstart this partnership!

Turning to May, there are two events I wish to put on your radar:

May 11 – The Southern California Pharmaceutical Discussion Group (SCPDG) in collaboration with SDACS is hosting David A. Tisi (Technical Director, Senopsys) at Knobbe Martens for his seminar entitled “Development Strategies for Age-Appropriate Pediatric Drug Products.” Register at

May 31 – Lyn Jones (VP Chemical Biology, Jnana Therapeutics) will deliver a seminar entitled “Drug-Target Engagement in Live Cells” at The Scripps Research Institute. Register at

As always, you are welcome to join us – in person or remotely – at our next Executive Committee Meeting on Tuesday, May 2. Get involved and make your membership in the San Diego Local Section of the ACS a rewarding experience!

Jonathan W. Lockner, Ph.D.
2017 Chair, San Diego Section
American Chemical Society