Chair Notes

Dear ACS Members,

A solar eclipse, Confederate memorials, and the record-breaking transfer of Neymar from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain were among recent headlines in the news. [My apologies to anyone reading who does not share my passion for soccer!] Though our activities may not make national or global news, our efforts certainly matter to many people in San Diego. Your SDACS helps spark scientific curiosity in children, informs the public (and public officials), and celebrates chemistry as the central science. [I might be biased!] Here is a sampling of what happened recently:

On Wednesday, August 16, over fifty people gathered at TSRI for a monthly seminar meeting featuring Dr. Dwayne E. Carter from Organovo. His presentation entitled “Modeling Human Biology, Drug Response, and Progressive Liver Disease Using 3D Bioprinted Human Liver Tissue” was well-received by all. His work certainly epitomizes creativity and technological innovation that enables us to better study disease and potential therapeutics. Thank you to Jennifer Barber-Singh for helping organize this event!

During the week of August 20 through August 24, thousands gathered in Washington, D.C., for the ACS National Meeting & Exposition. Themed “Chemistry’s Impact on the Global Economy”, numerous San Diego ACS members attended, presented, and celebrated. For instance, Phil Baran (a previous Distinguished Scientist awardee) delivered a much-anticipated keynote presentation, our newest ACS Fellows (Marjorie Caserio, Tammy Dwyer, and Bill Szabo) were officially recognized at a special event, and our Councilors (Tom Beattie, Hui Cai, Desiree Grubisha, John Palmer, Ken Poggenburg, and David Wallace) participated in various national and regional council meetings.

Another event that took place at the ACS National Meeting this week was the ChemLuminary Awards ceremony. Our SDACS was nominated in three categories: Outstanding Local Section Industry Event; Best Activity or Program Stimulating Member Involvement; Best New Public Relations Program of a Local Section. At the time of writing this month’s Chair Notes, I do not know if we won any awards, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s praiseworthy for us to earn this many nominations!

Turning to September and October, there are three events I wish to put on your radar:

September 27 – In a joint effort between SDACS and the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), we will host a panel of speakers on the topic “Studying the Effects of Marijuana Use” at Lilly Biotechnology Center. Register at

October 18 – We will host our annual Distinguished Scientist Award Dinner at the UCSD Faculty Club. This year’s awardee, Professor Charles Perrin, will deliver a presentation. Registration will open soon. Meanwhile, for details, contact Tom Beattie (

October 28 – As part of National Chemistry Week, we will join forces with San Diego Miramar College for our annual ChemExpo. This year’s theme is “Chemistry Rocks!” For details, contact Paul Bruinsma (

As always, you are welcome to join us – in person or remotely – at our next Executive Committee Meeting on Thursday, September 7. Get involved and make your membership in the San Diego Local Section of the ACS a rewarding experience!

Jonathan W. Lockner, Ph.D.
2017 Chair, San Diego Section
American Chemical Society