Chair Notes

Dear ACS Members,

The American Chemical Society is a global organization with over 150,000 members! Our dynamic and visionary society is committed to “Improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry.” I am excited and honored to spend 2020 as Chair of the San Diego Local Section. We have many annual hosted events planned and I have plans to increase our online presence and grow our student involvement during the coming year. But first, I want to express our debt of gratitude to our 2019 Co-Chairs, Jennifer Barber-Singh and David Wallace, for their hard work and dedication. They stepped up to the “bench” for our Section and provided leadership when we needed it most. I am grateful for their volunteer service. They left us with much to celebrate at our year-end Holiday Party! Also, congratulations to our newly elected 2020 executive committee! The votes were cast and the 2020 officers are: Jim Shih (Chair-Elect), Bill Tolley (Secretary), Desiree Grubisha (Treasurer), Jackie Trischman and Hui Cai (Councilors), Ben Pratt, Ken Poggenburg and Surya De (Alternate Councilors), and Bill Szabo and Joann Um (Members-at-Large).  These dedicated volunteers along with our Special Committee members will provide the vast amount of activation energy needed to keep our Section moving forward and producing results for our 2,482 Local Section members and for the San Diego community!

Our next monthly Executive Committee Meeting will take place at 6 pm Thursday, January 9th at Wuxi AppTec, 6122 Nancy Ridge Drive, 92121. ALL members are welcome to attend and experience the inner workings of our Section’s leadership. It would be wonderful if you would come collaborate and network with us. As a Local Section volunteer you are the lifeblood of our non-profit Society. I appreciate the time and energy our members dedicate to complete numerous hosted events. These include: Seniors Breakfast Jan 9th, Mad Science program at our local schools, Family Picnic June 28th, 50-/60-/70-Year Member Luncheon, and the 22nd Annual MedChem Symposium in July, Distinguished Scientist Award Banquet, and Holiday Party. The Chemists Celebrate Earth Week theme for 2020 is “Protecting Our Planet Through Chemistry” and we are planning a seminar with The San Diego County Department of Environmental Health Hazardous Incident Response Team! Also, our Section is representing the ACS at Balboa Park EarthFair, 10-5, Sunday, April 19th. Come out and join the fun! The National Chemistry Week theme for 2020 is “Sticking with Chemistry”. Our Local Section puts on a huge “Chem Expo” event with Miramar College, Saturday, Oct 24th. In addition to our scheduled Executive Committee meetings there are several monthly seminars in the works. These seminars are a great networking opportunity and cover a variety of topics – Better Dentistry Through Chemistry, Tattoo Ink Chemistry, Chemistry of Wine, and many more! Our next event is a tour of the City of San Diego’s Pure Water Demonstration Facility on January 11th at 10:45 am. There are a limited number of tickets. Get yours at:

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the San Diego Section of the ACS, I wish you a deeply fulfilling holiday season and a happy new year!

James T. Caldwell, Ph.D., 2020 Chair,
San Diego Section of the American Chemical Society
E-mail:; Web: