Chair Notes

Dear ACS Members,

The first quarter of the year is over and we are still working hard to promote science in San Diego, for the benefit of our members, and for the benefit of our region. Some of the recent events that support our efforts in our Local Section:

April 18th – a joint event was hosted at SDSU in collaboration with the SDACS to host Dr. David Sibley of the NINDS to hear his presentation on:  Searching for Selectivity: The Identification of Novel Modulators that Target Dopaminergic Signaling. 

April 22nd – Earth Day, with a national theme of Dive into Marine Chemistry. This annual phenomenon was celebrated with an outreach event at Balboa Park. Informational booths were hosted by both our Local Section as well as a student ACS group from UCSD, with the central aim of elevating public knowledge of and appreciation for our role in the health of the ocean and its impact on our life. Special thanks to James Caldwell and Ariana Remmel for taking the lead on sharing an exciting demonstration on ocean acidification.

In addition, sixteen local high school students took the Chemistry Olympiad National Exam this month. Based on their performance, one or more of these students may advance to the next level of competition, with the goal of representing the United States in the International Chemistry Olympiad. Special thanks go to Professor Joan Schellinger at the University of San Diego for organizing and hosting!

Coming up in May we have two very interesting seminars that I want to share with you:

May 17th – The Southern California Pharmaceutical Discussion Group (SCPDG) in collaboration with SDACS is hosting a seminar entitled “USP Standards that Support the Development and Characterization of Biological Products“, presented by Matt Vankoski, Senior Customer Development Manager at U.S. Pharmacopeia. Dinner and a networking social hour will be included in the paid entrance.  Register at

May 30th – The American Association of Clinical Chemistry in collaboration with SDACS are hosting an event on the impact of marijuana use, presented by

Professor Marilyn A. Huestis.  This free event will be hosted at Eli Lilly and you can reserve your spot using the following link:

As always, everyone is welcome to join us at our next Executive Committee Meeting on Tuesday, May 1st, at 6pm. Get involved and make your membership in the San Diego Local Section of the ACS a rewarding experience! Please feel free to email me for further details.

Jennifer Barber-Singh, Ph.D.
2018 Chair
San Diego Section of the American Chemical Society